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The commitment that the company has shown and continues to demonstrate in supporting projects of a cultural, social and sporting nature, has spontaneously generated the interest of events that revolve around the world of fashion and entertainment. In this sense, the Ottaviani creations are the protagonists of many events related to these areas, branding events and attending on many occasions that have seen the presence of important and known characters from the show-business world.

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Ottaviani is all about communication!

OTTAVIANI is present on TV with commercials and endorsement/product placement both on sets of various films for the cinema or TV, and in television broadcasts. Operation that, in addition to the important enhancement of the brand, offers a great visibility to the product.

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A brand unanimously recognized and esteemed, sought after and also wanted to confirm with its presence the most prestigious manifestations of culture, art, sport, music and any other expression of art, talent and human passion.

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A new marketing oriented strategy led to an intensive ad campaign on the most important fashion, jewelry and interior publications. This together with the increase of online sale and the presence of Ottaviani in quality of sponsor in many cultural and worldly events contribute daily to the brand success.

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