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Passion is certainly the link between a Family name and the excellence on a profession.

The family is Ottaviani and the profession is its interpretation of silver trough a history and tradition that since 1945 build the prestige and the evolution of a name, today synonymous with Innovation, Professionalism and Experience.

Now day, the company creative team together with the contribution of international designers promote an incessant evolution and innovation both in design and production techniques.

Ottaviani experience and proficiency in processing and using the silver as a warm, bright and precious material ensure the perfect execution of designs that express prestige, sophistication and charm.

Decorative and functional object for interior, jewelry, bijoux, and in general all the Ottaviani creations are never common, but always inspired by and dedicate to sophisticated atmosphere and desire.


Ottaviani, historical company and market leader in the field of silver, is renewed today, both in its management structure and product development, constantly reaffirming its leadership trough talent, creativity and a marketing oriented management that identify and face the market both difficulties and input. Alongside the Ottaviani Jewelry collection in silver 925 for woman, man and children, is the bijoux line that making colors and materials its strength creates sophisticated and very fashionable items.

Architect Laura Ottaviani, with her fresh and elegant creative talent is the art director and signature designer of all collection: home interior, jewelry, bijoux and watch.

The Brand Strength

Sales figures demonstrate the strong appeal that Ottaviani brand and its style have toward the final consumer nationally and internationally; a careful but aggressive distribution policy, which goes beyond the Italian borders with extensions in different foreign markets.

Ottaviani future plans are ambitious and challenging, aiming to improve its sales revenue as well as its brand awareness, always keeping in mind product development and innovation. Many are in fact the surprises related to new collections studied and designed to offer what consumers really want anticipating the market trends.


A new marketing oriented strategy led to an intensive ad campaign on the most important fashion, jewelry and interior publications. This together with the increase of online sale and the presence of Ottaviani in quality of sponsor in many cultural and worldly events contribute daily to the brand success.

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